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Launch a fund

How to fill the ranks of investors?

We will show you how to create a fund to attract investors, and a detective about choosing the best software and trading strategy. Break away will be impossible. We will lay out before you all information and comprehensively answer any questions on these areas.

And by the way, the first hour is free!

Creating a fund
Choosing a jurisdiction
Legal consulting
Выбор софта
Selecting a trading strategy


Depositing fiat is safe and legal? Completely!

Is a crypto fiat legal? That's right!

We will lead you to the pipeline from the gateways for receiving and paying both cryptocurrency and Fiat, which will allow you to carry out accepting investments in funds, crypto funds, as well as in private and private rounds of the ICO. We will set up a gateway and we integrate settings into the administrator's office

Gateways with analytics and conversion into 50 currencies,with refund.
Мерчант-решение с возможностью выбрать процессинг (Doolong Pаy / 123х)
Make and accept payments in fiat and cryptocurrencies
Make and accept cryptocurrency payments
Conversion into 50 currencies with refund
Choice of processing
Integration with admin interface
gift Certificate

Fund automation

Your fund managers captive of routine reports and eksel tables?

Our trade management system will effectively manage at least 10 thousand accounts, the main thing that they were

Managing hundreds of investor accounts
Manage analytics
Manage reporting
Quick visualization of fund success

CRM для инвесторов

Have your client relations gotten too chaotic?

Fund Platform - CRM. You’ve been swamped with tasks for clients. Deadlines are flying by on all sides. Can’t remember what you were supposed to send, and to whom. Sound familiar? Transaction history Full transaction history: from the client’s first request to their rating of your employees’ work. Automation CRM bots send clients letters, text messages, voice memos, serve ads, and assign tasks to managers. Sales targets and accountability Allocate your targets to employees and keep track of their work loads. CRM analytics Reports on sales and tasks will help you make the right decisions in management and human resources.

Full transaction history
Sales targets
Data visualization
Customer Tickets
CRM fund

Trading with bots

Want to boost your fund’s performance, but don’t know how?

Probably more for you. We will write for you shopping also in a falling market. Our robots are chickens carrying golden eggs!

Арбитражные роботы
Scalping bots
Algorithmic bots
Rebalancing bots
Automation of trading strategies
Order robots


Do you want to monitor your fund 24/7?

Control it with your phone! We will develop an Android or iOS application for you so that you can manage Fund everywhere and at any time of the day or night. If you wish, you can allow investors to track all fund activities, initiate and withdraw funds, as well as receive all necessary reports.

Types of apps:
Android apps
iOS apps
Monitoring the fund’s activities
Depositing and withdrawing funds
Access to reporting
Create a fund

Industry expertise

Is your fund losing time and money because developers are not knowledgeable about your product?

We have created 9 funds from scratch, ensuring their convenience and safety, and more than 20 funds are consulting with us legal issues. At the moment, we are the only company with expertise in this area. Our experience allows you to quickly solve tasks, which significantly saves both our time and your money.

Nine funds built from the ground up
Consulting twenty funds on various aspects of business
The only experts in the field of fund software
Fast and knowledgeable software development
Quality products
Look case


Want not to fear for
safety of funds and
to sleep calmly?

Our technologies guarantee investment security!

The recipe for technical security:
Working on servers to defend against all types of attacks
Криптошифрование всех данных RSA/AES
RSA/AES encryption for all data
Three-level authentication
No possibility of breaching the server from the client-facing side
Smart wallets for each user with security settings for the deposit and withdrawal system
Different password levels for different employees
Ability to define which IP addresses have permission to access the account
The recipe for data security:
Expanded verification and security settings (passport or driver’s license number, etc.).
Ability to execute secure transactions through smart contracts, mosaics, and other blockchain tools
Preliminary testing of bots on real accounts
Presenting open data to project partners and contractors, displaying the movement of funds from one unit of the platform to another
Platforms to another
Recording all of the platform’s user activity history in a blockchain
Online access policies
Privacy settings
Create a fund

Tokenizing your strategies

Want to attract more insights for trading strategies?

We use the cutting-edge NEM blockchain for tokenization. It’s fifteen times faster than Ethereum and twenty times less expensive. Mosaics (smart contracts) in NEM cost pennies and can be written in a couple of minutes. If you choose, you can release subtokens so that investors can back specific strategies. Traditional funds can activate new trading tools using cryptocurrencies. Learn how to make a token in two minutes.

Fifteen times faster than Ethereum
Twenty times less expensive than Ethereum
Mosaics (smart contracts) written in minutes
Ability to quickly release subtokens
Create a fund

Fast fundraising

You want to start raising capital, like, yesterday?

We’ve gotten so smooth at building funds quickly and seamlessly that you can start raising capital in any currency in just 14 days. Lure investors with your user-friendly interface and open statistical reports, and start ramping up. Never stop! Our experts are here to support you, speaking seven languages, keeping you flowing with our industry-leading ticket system.

Start raising capital in just 14 days
User-friendly interface
Open statistical reports
Expert support
Industry-leading ticket system
Buy annual fund

Referral program

Need a referral
program for your

Investors in our funds have it good. They can share good investment opportunities with their friends and colleagues while also making extra money through referrals. Convenient system for monitoring referral links and calculating bonuses, as well as a CRM system for your new contacts!

Convenient referral system
System for monitoring referral links
System for viewing your added contacts
Referral system

Next level of fundraising

Why traders and investors
choose Fund Platform

Saves time
Attracts investors
Saves money
Easy to understand

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