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"Anyone who wants to bring software management in their company to a new level should try Fund Platform at least once. You will forget how you spent a couple of weeks earlier on technical management"
"In this letter, we express our respect and gratitude to the whole team for their patience and prompt response to all our questions."
"Together with a team of specialists and a project manager, work was carried out to redesign our site. All our wishes were taken into account and all issues were quickly resolved in the course of work."
" Competently arranged work on creating a new site allowed us to smoothly carry out our activities and in the future to attract a large number of new customers. "
Areum Fund
"Fund Platform has it's own product for fund managers, but I have my own bots that I wanted to connect to this software. I got a beautiful personal account for my own needs"
Tokenplace Terminal
"Fund Platform created a trading terminal that allows users to connect their exchanges in one place. And you can deposit/withdraw money from these exchanges from our terminal."
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