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Creating software that helps to manage funds
Professional traders and funds use a huge number of unsynchronized tools in their work, because of what they spend a huge amount of time creating and setting up their business.
A SaaS platform that combines functionality for all stages of creating a fund (trading terminal, financial report system, CRM, custody), that earns on helping people spend less time and money.
Why no one did it so far
Very young market, lack of expertise. Most countries have only recently allowed cryptocurrency. Professional software like interactive brokers is very hard to copy
Why we will do it
Since 2015 we have done more then 12+ custom software for crypto funds.
More then 200+ satisfied customersl
"Our mission is to simplify the most professional financial management system so that people spend time only on what brings them money."

- Fund Platform team
Who we are
A team with a huge experience in delivering products with 12+ more successfully completed projects for funds and traders.
Nikita Shevhenko
CEO, More than 12 created funds since 2015
Svyat Zadorozhny
СТО, ex-CTO of LaToken exchange
Pavel Tseluyko
Product Designer, Owner of Merge Development
How does it work
Our history and future
September, 2017
Company was created
December, 2017
First client worth of $50,000
November, 2018
Total number of crypto funds: 12
Total revenue: $240,000
July, 2019
Release of SaaS platform
CRM module
Strategies module
Cryptocurrency module
First 1,000 users
December, 2019
Algotrading module
Trading terminal module
Fiat currency module
7,000 users
July, 2020
Legal department for funds
Marketing department for funds
13,000 users
November, 2020
Marketplace for traders and funds
32,000 users
How do we help our clients
Crypto Index Fund
Needed software to manage investors and a referral program for MLM marketing of the fund.
Areum Fund
Needed software to accept BTC and ETH to 3 crypto trading bots. CRM to manage investors
Free Fund
Had a problem of calculating their portfolio index, needed a software to manage clients who invest in their index and a report system.